Monthly Belgian Chocolate Calendar

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Buy the 'Whack-a-Mole' calendar ready for March 2020.

A beautifully designed, chocolate-filled calendar each month. They are filled with a delicious assortment of luxury chocolates. Each month has a new illustration that will make you smile and you can put in pride of place.

Get greater discounts when you buy 3 months or more.

Each calendar is lovingly handcrafted from 300gsm silk card and is 100% recyclable. No plastic in sight!

The chocolates are of the highest quality and buying them alone equates to a RRP of £12, so you're getting a real bargain! The flavours included are from a range including: 38% milk, 70% dark, 88% dark, Orange, Earl Grey, Lavender, Coffee, Caramel with puffed rice, Sea salt, Nougatine, Pink peppercorn, Lemon and Cinnamon. For nutritional information, follow this link.

Shipping is just £1 for each calendar in the UK. We also ship globally.

Order before the 20th of the month to receive your first calendar at the start of the next month.

Note: If you are buying Calendars as a gift, if you wish, you can specify for them to be sent to your recipient's address upon checkout.