Brexit Chocolate Countdown Calendar

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The original March calendar is no longer available but you can pre-order the extension version now! (It's currently looking like the 31st October but if Brexit doesn't happen before I ship the calendars in September, I'll simply refund you).


Cope with the advent of Brexit in the most British of ways, with self-deprecating humour and a concept stolen from a child's Christmas.

This is Brexitvent!

30 windows to open with assorted Belgian chocolates, counting down each day until the UK officially leaves the EU.

Limited Edition... well obviously.

And for anyone who might have ever exclaimed- "Brexit, such a joke!"- now it really is, as each window has a cunningly worded witticism, absurd poke at the truth or a delightful pun behind it, written by myself (Simon Jack) and oddly brilliant friend (Stephen Christie). 

Each calendar is lovingly handcrafted from 350gsm card and is 100% recyclable. No plastic tray in sight!

The flavours included are from a range including: 38% milk, 70% dark, 88% dark, Orange, Earl Grey, Lavender, Coffee, Caramel with puffed rice, Sea salt, Nougatine, Pink peppercorn, Lemon and Cinnamon. For nutritional information, follow this link.

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